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Publicación de Heterocronicidad. Cronos a debate en Artnodes nº22 (Noviembre 2018)

We have already published the article "Heterochronicity, Chronos in debate" in the prestigious digital art magazine Artnodes Journal - A summary of the research we are doing. Together with María Cuevas and Salvador Sancha. Here is a brief preview and at the end of the post you have a link to continue reading.

But at the very moment when that drink, with the crumbs of the bun, touched my palate, I shuddered, my attention fixed on something extraordinary happening inside me. A delicious pleasure invaded me, isolated me, without any notion of what was causing it. And he turned the vicissitudes of life into indifference, its disasters into harmlessness and its brevity into illusion, all in the same way that love operates, filling itself with a precious essence; but, better said, that essence was not in me, it was myself. I stopped feeling mediocre, contingent and mortal. Where could such a strong joy come from? I realized that it went hand in hand with the taste of the tea and the bun, but it exceeded it by far, and must not be of the same nature. Where did it come from and what did it mean? How could I come to apprehend it?

Marcel Proust

In Search of Lost Time I On Swann's Way

If you describe: A clock that melts like cheese from a hamburger over the edge of a table, Salvador Dalí's The Persistence of Memory will immediately appear in our memory. The image of those suggestive clocks has been installed in the collective imagination and it seems that it does not lose strength with the passage of time. The painting is reproduced in hundreds of supports such as cell phone cases and even tattoos, being one of the most representative icons of contemporary art. It doesn't matter if the work finished drying in 1931, the date is renewed again and again with each manufacture in China of a new piece that has the image of one of those soft watches printed on it, delaying again the possible death by forgetfulness of the work. To begin this article we will lose a little time evoking the image of the exact moment in which Marcel Proust savors his madeleine while holding in his hand, a cup with the surrealist printed soft watch. To begin by losing time, talking about lost time, is a way of sharing the essentiality of this research: Rethinking times

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