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Visual composer and art historian.                                          






- Doctorate Program Faculty of Fine Arts

  Complutense University of Madrid (2016)

- University Master's Degree in Art and Creation Research
Faculty of Fine Arts

  Complutense University of Madrid

  September 2013 - September 2014

- Degree in Art History

  University of Málaga

  September 2008 - June 2013 




The line of creation that I am developing goes into the relationships between art and the turns of the digital world. I am interested in the analysis of the results that are generated in the relationship of the work of Art with the spectator and of this, with the digital network. The concepts that arise from the global hyper-visuality and the analysis of the figure of the perception of the spectator in the digital murmur. Thousands of images are shown on the screens and their influence generates new forms of perception and creation.

My work seeks to create landscapes that reflect the digital horizon. Disturbing spaces that are the result of the sum of hundreds of images collected on the web and arranged on the canvas thanks to digital collage, are also enriched with traditional techniques. The hybridization of both techniques is done with the aim of blurring the differences between them. The narratives invite the viewer to rest and activate reflective contemplation in the digital era.






  • Exposición colectiva Darro, Río de vida y cultura (Granada) Sala Zaida Fundación Caja Rural de Granada, Marzo 2021.

  • Collective exhibition DraculaXDracula (Seville) Maradiaga Foundation, September 2019.

  • Collective Exhibition Sincretismos (Valladolid) Variable Gallery, June 2019.

  • Collective exhibition #Pasajes (Sevilla) Variable Gallery January/February 2019.

  • Collective exhibition Lorem Bitsum (Madrid) Matadero Madrid, May/June 2018.

  • Exhibition of the piece Heterochronicity in the III Congress of the International Society of Hispanic Digital Humanities (Málaga) October 2017.

  • Collective exhibition in III Edition Art Marbella Fair. Pedro Peña Art Gallery Stand. Marbella, 2017.  

  • Collective exhibition Sensorial Exhibition, in Ex Covento del Carmen. Guadalajara (Mexico) July 2017

  • Collective exhibition Curvas del Flamenco, at Museo de Flamenco Sevilla 2017 

  • Collective exhibition in II Edition Art Marbella Fair. Pedro Peña Art Gallery Stand. Marbella, 2016.  

  • Open studio collective exhibition, Espacio Cienfuegos Málaga June 2016.

  • Group exhibition FAC2016 Madrid May 2016.

  • Collective exhibition UPHO | INDOOR "Identity and Family" Málaga 2016.

  • Collective exhibition Spanish version, Espacio Cienfuegos Málaga April 2016

  • Collective exhibition De lo que nos habla el arte, Galería 6más1, Madrid January-February 2016.

  • Collective exhibition Pinacoteca de bolsillo, Ra del Rey Gallery, Madrid. November 2014.

  • Collective Exhibition in Centro Arte Complutense, Madrid September 2014.

  • Collective exhibition Water Bodies. Espacio de la Trasera, Faculty of BBAA, Complutense University, Madrid Work "without children there is no river". 11/2013.

  • Collective exhibition at the 19th Edition of the Multiple Art Fair. Pedro Peña Art Gallery Stand. Madrid, 2011.

  • Group exhibition at Pedro Peña Art Gallery in TOP25Art Fair, Casablanca (Morocco),2011.

  • Individual exhibition at Sala Coimar. Marbella, 2010.

  • Collective Exhibition at Sala Espacio Tres, Málaga, April 2009.

  • Individual exhibition Formas in Sala de Exposiciones Mare Nostrum. Corner of the Victory. February 2009.

  • Collective Exhibition 20 x 20 in Sala Espacio Tres. Málaga, December 2008.

  • Collective Exhibition Artist's Chair in Sala Espacio Tres. August 2008.

  • Collective Exhibition Beboard, Espaciu, Málaga. February 2008.

  • Individual exhibition "Orange" in the College of Dentists of Malaga. June 2007.

  • Collective exhibition Variations, Antonia Chaumel Gallery, Ciudad Real. April 2004.

  • Collective exhibition Five Tracks, Pedro Peña Art gallery, Puerto Banús, Marbella. August 2003.




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